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  1. Alliances, mergers and acquisitions as a strategic vision in enhancing competitiveness.
    This topic discusses the importance of mergers, alliances and acquisitions among family businesses to overcome economic crises and come up with new companies able to adapt and compete
  2. Family businesses bankruptcy and restructuring opportunities.
    This topic addresses one of the most important issues facing many family businesses today.  It highlights the importance of restructuring in order for the Family Business to survive whether the business is deflating or bankruptcy.
  3. Improving the regulatory environment and legislations to enhance the sustainability of companies and their role in enhancing the investment environment in the GCC countries, in order to avoid migration of family capitals.
    This topic tackles the role of GCC government bodies in working to improve the regulatory and legislative environment, which helps to sustain family businesses and avoids their migration out of the GCC.
*Program Sessions are subject to change